Thesis and project topics


Not sure in which green project get involved? No problem! Here we are!
Below you will find a list of all potential thesis and project ideas.
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Gel residues

How will gel system residues age? 


What effect does temperature have on the removal of surfactants from acrylic emulsion paintings?

Solvents and Varnishing

Some varnishes require solvents which evaporate slowly. And what are those kind of solvents? Toluene and xylene. One such “varnish” are Paraloid resins. The best results are acquired when used with xylene. Is it possible to avoid these solvents? Are these slow evaporating solvents really needed for the varnish application? 

Gels and Solvent Waste

What is the best manner to dispose of gels and solvent waste? Is it possible to reduce their impact? 

Solvent free removal of varnish

There are some mechanical techniques in the removal of varnish that haven’t been researched thoroughly (Weichstrahl-Verfahren in German). With the possible use of enzymatic or ionic liquids as part of the process, how will residues age? 

Introducing plants in the studio

Could plants be used in a conservation studio to clean the air? Are there natural alternatives to do so in order to avoid the fume hood?