About us

Sustainability in Conservation

Sustainability in Conservation (SiC) is a branch of Ki Culture dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices in conservation of cultural heritage. SiC coordinates research projects, provides tips and tricks and information to conservators looking to be more environmentally responsible in their daily work.

The group was founded in 2016 to support green initiatives, highlighting the duality of conserving the planet along with the art and heritage it contains. SiC aims to facilitate a united effort to encourage sustainable conduct in conservation by building awareness and providing reliable resources and programs as well as a forum to stimulate the exchange of ideas and knowledge. SiC projects and resources empower everyone in the field, from large organizations to individuals to demonstrate that even small changes in daily working practice can make a large difference.


Building awareness of environmental impact and mitigation strategies

Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas between all levels of the field

Making sustainability accessible and practicable

Providing and effectively disseminating reliable, current information

Aims and Goals

SiC promotes and supports sustainable practices and environmental awareness in the conservation of cultural heritage and related fields. By providing programs, forums for discussion and accessible information, we seek to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between organizations, individuals and universities.