A list of websites for organisations and companies that engage with sustainable practices within the conservation profession and cultural heritage. Note that this is for information purposes only and Sustainability in Conservation is not endorsing any products of services offered.

Sustainable Microclimates

A company that helps cultural heritage institutions develop solutions to collections care with a primary focus on display cases, and with a commitment to make those solutions sustainable

Ki Culture

An organisation that works with cultural heritage organisations to implement sustainable solutions.

Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials

A professional organisation for conservators in Australia working to preserve cultural heritage in museums, art galleries, libraries, archives and in private practice.

Ship Art

A US company that provides art shipping services, they have a page on their website detailing the steps they have taken to ensure better environmental standards within the company.


A recycling program for hard to recycle products, allowing you to collect plastic, nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves and ship them to recycling centres.


A company that provides a condition report service, digital condition reports reduce the need to use paper alternative and the company integrated environmental monitoring in their service in order to encourage museums to adopt the Bizot Green Protocol aimed at reducing their carbon footprint.

Samuel Anderson Architects

Samuel Anderson Architects specialises in designing art and archive study centers, art and book conservation laboratories, collection storage and support facilities, and galleries, as well as residential and commercial projects. Their projects feature thorough consideration to issues of sustainability


Turtle offers the most sustainable art transportation crates currently available on the market

Gallery Climate Coalition

A non-profit organisation offering resources and information on sustainability for the commercial art sector

The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework

The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework, developed by UCL, is a tool that allows you to learn ways of reducing the environmental impact of labs

Just Gloves

A brand of biodegradable gloves available in the UK

Sustainability RightCycle

An international program aimed at collecting and recycling hard to recycle products


A brand of biodegradable gloves that have been tested in the US and the UK and have shown positive results

MIT – Green Labs Initiative

The goal of the Green Labs initiative is to reduce wastefulness of energy and resources in MIT labs and to promote innovative ways to manage resources in the most efficient way.

Harvard – Green Labs Program

The Green Labs program works with researchers, staff, faculty, and building managers to implement sustainable practices and technologies in lab buildings.

My Green Lab

My Green Lab is fundamentally and permanently improving the sustainability of scientific research. A California non-profit, they were formed to unify and lead scientists, vendors, designers, energy providers, and others in a common drive toward a world in which all research reflects the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.