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Providing resources on greener solvent approaches in art and artefact conservation.

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Handbook: Greener Solvents in Conservation: An Introductory Guide

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This handbook, which coincides with the launch of the ‘Sustainability in Conservation Greener Solvents’ project, focusses on organic solvents, their impact on human health and the environment and how they might potentially affect the materials of the artefacts which are worked on by conservators.

The aim is to assist in the eradication of the widespread use of the most harmful solvents by providing supporting information to enable their identification and the most straightforward ways of determining the alternatives that may be used in their place.

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Edited by Gwendoline R. Fife.
Published by Archetype, 2021
Sponsored by Tru Vue
A hard copy book is available from Archetype

Scientific Advisory Committee

Prof. Tom Welton OBE
Professor of Sustainable Chemistry, Imperial College, London, UK

Dr. Bronwyn Ormsby 
Principal Conservation Scientist, Tate, London, UK

Dr. Rosie Grayburn
Scientist at Wintherthur Museum, Garden and Library
Affililiated Associate Professor, University of Delaware, Delaware, USA

Shayne Rivers
Subject Leader, West Dean College, Chichester, UK

Gwendoline R. Fife
Founder at GRF Art|Conservation|Consultancy, Belgium

Dr. Fergal Byrne
CEO at Addible, York, UK

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